The Western Sichuan “Country of Female” in Spring with the Pear Blossoms and Danba Beauty


Danba, a legendary place with plenty of beautiful scenery which is famous of Country of Women. In March during ...

Danba, a legendary place with plenty of beautiful scenery which is famous of “Country of Women”. In March during spring time, for the first time this year, its glamorous beauty will be revealed.

Danba County is located in the east of Garze prefecture, Sichuan province. It is the east “gate” of Garze prefecture. To the east, it is the Xiaojin County of Aba prefecture. To the south and southeast, it is the Kangding County. Daofu County is on the west side and to the north and northeast, is Jinchuan County of Aba prefecture.

It is said that the pear blossom peak bloom period will be during March 19 to 26 in the Tibetan villages along the river like Danba Jiaju, Supo Moluo, Geshizha Balang, Geshizha Buke, Badi. The pear blossom peak bloom period will be from March 26 to April 10 in the Tibetan villages in the highland such as Danba Jiaju Kaka, Niexia, Zhonglu, Suopo, Yak valley. The whole spring will be a sea of pear blossoms.

During the pear blossom peak bloom period, 10,000 pear trees will begin to bloom almost overnight. The spring breeze carries the smell of the flower everywhere. In the misty valley, the Tibetan villages looks gentle and beautiful with the pear blossoms. During the change of seasons, you can see the white snow on the top of the mountain and pear blossoms at the foot of the snow mountain, which is so peaceful that you may throw away all your worries. It is a place where you can get away from the crowds.

Danba is also the “East Female Country” in history with beautiful villages and ancient tower as well as beautiful women with the most beautiful smile. The Danba beauty has always been one of the famous human landscapes. When the pear blossoms meet the Danba beauty, what a beautiful scenery it will be?

The beauty of pear blossoms in Danba is natural and sparse. The descendants of the “East Female Country” has a deep connection with pear blossoms. The splendid and short female country culture has gone, and only the spirit of flower remains.

The white and pure pear blossoms, the lovely smile and the typical Tibetan dress, the sound of singing under the pear trees, the visitors are having fun here.

The pear blossoms route recommendation

Chengdu-Danba (Jiaju, Zhonglu, Suopo, Badi,etc.)-Jinchuan-Chengdu (the scenic spots nearby can be selected according to your requirements)

Note: In Danba, only Jiaju village will require entry tickets, the entrance ticket of Jiaju is 50RMB.

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