A Dance Called “Madami Guozhuang” in Jiulong County


Jiulong County is rich in tourism resources and Tibetan culture. It has the national level scenic spot Wuxu Hai,...

Jiulong County is rich in tourism resources and Tibetan culture. It has the national level scenic spot Wuxu Hai, Wahuishan Mountain, Riluku grassland, Yalong River, and the mysterious village Mengdong. Jiulong also gathers together rich and colorful culture of Tibetan, Han, and Yi.

The multi-national culture is shining on this land. The “Madami Guozhuang” is one of those shining cultures.

There are two different meaning of “Madami”, one is “I love you”, which used in daily life. The other meaning is “good luck and happiness”, which is used for blessing or love duet. “Madami” is origins from Mosuo language.

The “Madami Guozhuang” is a folk dance that originates from the riverside area in Jiulong. It is created by the people who has been engaged in production and life. The “Madami Guozhuang” has unique traditional artistic value and significant meaning in promoting the folk culture in Jiulong. As the national intangible cultural heritage, the “Madami Guozhuang” reflects the folk culture in Jiulong.

During the traditional festival in Jiulong last year, the Jiulong people introduced themselves by the dance “Madami Guozhuang”.

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