Yak Cheese Steamed Bun


The stuffing of this kind of steamed bun is made of yak cheese. You may be wondering, what is yak cheese?The ...

The stuffing of this kind of steamed bun is made of yak cheese. You may be wondering, what is yak cheese?

The answer starts from the way Tibetan people refine yak milk. After being boiled, fresh yak milk is broken down in a traditional and unique way. The most precious and the most essential part is yak butter, the remains is the yak cheese. The fresh yak cheese is sour and white, and can be used for stuffing. This is where yak cheese steamed buns came from.

The dry yak cheese is a snack for Tibetan people and also can be used as a topping ingredient for gruel or soup. The taste of dry yak cheese may not be familiar with Han Chinese. However the yak cheese steamed bun is delicious and suitable for everyone.

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