Xiao Youcai, Xiangqiu Visit CPPCC Members in Their Stationing Site


Garze Daily News (Reporter: Zhang Tao; Article/Photo) The CPPCCs (Chinese People's Political Consultative ...

Garze Daily News (Reporter: Zhang Tao; Article/Photo) The CPPCC’s (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) Second Meeting of the 13th Session of Garze Prefecture Committee opened today (on January 3rd, 2018). Yesterday afternoon (On January 2rd, 2018), entrusted by Liu Chengming, Secretary of Garze Prefecture Committee; Xiao Youcai, Deputy Secretary of Garze Prefecture Committee and Prefecture Governor; and Xiang Qiu, Chairman of Political Consultative Conference (PCC) of Garze Prefecture, visited the site where the committee members were stationed, and saw these committee members of the CPPCC, warmly greeting and expressing their sincere gratitude to these committee members.

In the committee members’ stationing site, Gesanghua Hotel, Xiao Youcai, Xiang Qiu and other prefecture leaders shook hands with all the participating CPPCC committee members, and they presented Khatas to each other. Xiao Youcai said that over the past year, under the powerful leadership of the prefecture committee, all the fields of the entire prefecture have been working quite well and made great achievements. Therefore, they have been fully approved and complimented by the committee and government of Sichuan Province.

Under the leadership of the Garze Prefecture Committee and Government, all the CPPCC committee members have made a great contribution to the economic development, social stability as well as ecological civilization construction of Garze prefecture, by actively working, completing their duties with all efforts and giving suggestions. The Garze Prefecture Committee has been very satisfied with what the CCPCC, and has also fully approved what the committee members have done with great efforts.

In the New Year, all kinds of duties of the entire prefecture will be more difficult to fulfill. Therefore, under the leadership of the CCPCC of Garze prefecture, all the CCPCC committee members must strive to complete their duties and give good suggestions. They must conduct their work according to two principles: first, the general work guide of surrounding one target, highlighting two essentials, doing a great job on three events, making up for four shortcomings, laying five solid foundations, and carrying out six great strategies; second, bearing in mind the general target of working hard to push Garze to a fast-growing, harmonious-in-different-ethnic-groups, and stable society in recent years, especially to highly enhance the productivity and living qualities of the leaders and the public of the different ethnic minorities of Garze.

We hope all the committee members can carefully carry out their duties. During the meeting, we hope all of the committee members can carefully review all the reports, and bravely propose their suggestions, for the Garze Prefecture Committee and Government will carefully accept these suggestions.

Those who also came to visit these committee members include: Li Jiang, Luo Zhenhua, Liu Jixiang, Tan Xiaozheng etc., who are all leaders of the prefecture.

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