2 million trees will be planted during the “Green Action” in Garze, Sichuan.


Now, lets begin to plant the trees! ordered by Liu Chengming, the Secretary of the Garze Prefecture Party...

“Now, let’s begin to plant the trees!” ordered by Liu Chengming, the Secretary of the Garze Prefecture Party Committee. On March 22nd, the 2018 “Green Sichuan, Garze Action” and the voluntary tree planting activity was held along the Yakang expressway, Wuligou village, Luqiao town, Luding County.

The theme of the 2018 “Green Sichuan, Garze Action” and the voluntary tree planting activity was “Green Garze, We are Action.” On March 22nd, about 600 people, including the leaders of Garze Prefecture Party Committee, Garze People's Congress, Garze Prefecture Government and Prefectural Political Consultative Conference and the representatives of women, students, teachers, volunteers, employees and troops participated in the tree planting activity.

According to the area assigned, the leaders of Garze Prefecture and Luding County planted trees in “Servant’s forest”. The representatives of troop planted trees in “Guardian’s forest”, the representatives of women plant trees in “Women’s forest”, and volunteers plant trees in “Youth forest”. Some people were holding the saplings, some people were digging, and some were watering, which created an active scene of tree planting. About 1500 trees were planted on the day as well as 500 begonias, peach blossom, and bougainvillea. The both side of the expressway turned green and lively whereas it used to be bare.

Luosang Dawa, the Director of Garze Prefecture Forestry Bureau, introduced that from mid March to mid April, there were 500 thousands people from 18 counties in Garze that participated in the voluntary tree planting activity. About 2 million trees are still schedule to be planted in the future.

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