The Second Zhusang Township Flower Festival is Held in Yajiang County, Garze Prefecture, with Splendid Activities


Lots of the locals came to the eventThe singer sings during a News (Zhang Li, Reporter, Li...


Lots of the locals came to the event 

The singer sings during a performance News (Zhang Li, Reporter, Li Jinping) - “Today is the opening day of the Zhusang Township Flower Festival. As a Benda villager, I feel very proud. Some guests have come to our village today, and we hope that these guests can have a real experience of Muya culture and enjoy themselves in Yajiang County,” one villager participating in the performance said cheerfully. 

On July 23, the Second Zhusang Township Flower Festival 2018 in Yajiang County kicked off in Benda Village. During the event, more than 400 villagers and tourists from different areas came to Benda to celebrate the festival. Every tent set up here was in harmony with the sea of flowers on the grassland, the melodious songs were sung on the grassland, the billowing costumes of the dancers and singers brought an audio-visual feast to the visitors, and the old and sincere folk culture made the visitors feel completely indulged. 

The wonderful singing and dancing performance at the scene

It is reported that, during the one-week festival, Yajiang County’s “Send Culture to the Countryside” event, the speech of extending their gratitude to the Party of the poor, Muya Culture Handicraft Exhibition, Muya Mountain Song Singing, Kaxie Debate, Muya Guozhuang Dance, horse race, and other events will be held one by one. 

This is an event that carries the hope of both parties. Benda Village built up its own collective industry in 2017, which mainly consists of 350 mu (or about 23.4 hectares) of rapeseed flowers, 6,400 square meters of vegetable greenhouses, and an investment in the Riji (a place) “Feidi” (one mold of the industrial park) industry. In 2017, the villagers harvested a total of more than 140,000 yuan of dividends from the 350 mu of rapeseed flowers. In Benda Village, Zhusang Township, there are 137 households and 665 residents. Among them, the accurate poverty alleviation card holders cover 33 households and 145 residents, and three households and 10 residents are no longer in poverty. In 2018, the target of getting rid of poverty will cover 30 households and 135 residents, and the entire village will meet the target of getting rid of poverty. 

In July, the flowers in Zhusang Township have bloomed, and their fragrance waft here and there. The locals are expecting the harvest of the autumn in their laughs and chats. (Photos provided by Zhang Li) 

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