The Stunning Hidden World of Dangling


Dangling is located in Bianer Township, northwest of Danba County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan pro...

Dangling is located in Bianer Township, northwest of Danba County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province.

Dangling’s stunning scenery is a highlight of the comprehensive mountainous tourism destination, where you can tour around, climb the mountains, conduct scientific researches, hike, and explore the natural wonders. Its stunning scenery is embodied by the magnificent and grotesque snowy mountain peaks, numerous mountainous lakes, primitive and natural outdoor hot springs, green and lush primary forests, gurgling streams, green meadows, and rare animal and plant species.

The unique geological, landform and climatic conditions sustain the current fascinating view of Dangling. The primitive natural ecological system is regarded as one of the most representative regions among the global geographic areas, and is worth making great effects to protect and can serve scientific research.

There are two hot springs in Dangling:

One is a sulphur-flavor hot spring, named Murichaqu, which means gunpowder bathroom in Tibetan. The other is called Bukachaqu, which is surrounded by a large meadow. The name means meadow bathroom in Tibetan.

The highest temperature at the mouth of the hot springs can reach up to 75 degrees Celsius. After chemical examination, the two springs have been proven that the sodium bicarbonate neutral high quality medical hot mineral springs, rich in many kinds of minerals, have special effects on neuralgia, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, arthritis etc.

Red leaves

Inside the tourist attraction of Dangling, there is a steep hillside, which is covered by red birch groves. Once the wind sweeps, the birch leaves and the birch barks that are about to burst will rustle from time to time. Coming here in late autumn or early winter, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor hot springs. You can bathe in the hot springs, and appreciate the red leaves and the snowy views at the same time.

Mountain lakes

There are more than 30 fairy tale-like emerald mountain lakes in Dangling, such as Huluhai, Zhuoyongcuo, Macuo, Sianie, Ayoumucuo etc. These mountain lakes called “Haizi” by the locals are actually moraine-dammed lakes and cirque lakes.

The lake water is so transparent that you can see through the surface to the bottom. Scaleless fish swim inside the lakes, musk deer, Argali, takin and other rare species usually drink there, and the ornamental plants surrounding these lakes look exceptionally dazzling. No highways to Huluhai have been constructed yet, and you can only ride a horse or walk to get there if you want to visit the lake.

Please protect the environment when you go there to travel. Please don’t litter, and respect the local lifestyle.

(Chinese Content Source: UC Headline “行走的园子”)

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