Danba Tibetan Village: The Most Beautiful Ancient Village in China


The Danba Tibetan Village is the most unique among Jiarong Peoples villages, with those in Jiaju, Niexia, ...

The Danba Tibetan Village is the most unique among Jiarong People’s villages, with those in Jiaju, Niexia, Geshizha and Badi Township being the most prominent. Hundreds of local residences are perch on the hillside, which harmoniously merge into the natural environment of this area and embody the Chinese philosophy of man and nature being one. Seen from afar, located in the valley full of mythical atmosphere and in the emerald trees and grass are numerous patches of fields and village houses. With the gurgling streams that sing on and off, a perfect dynamic landscape painting unrolls before you.

In 2005, during the “Most Beautiful Places in China” event hosted by the Chinese National Geography, the Danba Tibetan Village was rated as the champion among the six most beautiful ancient towns and villages in China. Sichuan’s Danba, the emerging tourist resort, is rich in many different kinds of natural and cultural views, such as snowy mountains, grasslands, lakes (Haizi), hot springs, great rivers, Tibetan villages, ancient watchtowers (Diaolou), Lama Temples etc.

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