99% of Tourists Miss the Countryside Scenery of Garze

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The lights in the city are so dazzling that some people may want a cozy country life. However, when mentioning...

The lights in the city are so dazzling that some people may want a cozy country life. However, when mentioning country life, Garze may be one of the best destinations for you.


Autumn is often the most beautiful time throughout the year.

You will instantly notice the deep green leaves on the cedar trees and the golden yellow pine needles and aspen, as well as the red birch leaves. When dawn comes, you can see the yaks on the grass with the smoke from kitchen chimneys at the foot of mountain.


When you go to Luding during March or April, you’ll see the cole flowers everywhere, embracing people and houses. However when you look at the field carefully, you will surprised by the pink of peach flower among the sea of yellow.


The pear flowers in Danba are the most beautiful flowers during spring. When the wind of spring blows, thousands of pear blossoms bloom everywhere all over the mountains. When dusk comes, the light and shadow in the valley makes you feel harmonious and pleasant.


Walk along the mountain road of Luhuo between summer and autumn and look at the trees, you will find that some are green and some are gold. It you stay here for a period of time, you will witness the grassland change colors when the wind of autumn passes by. The stream becomes quiet. It is the most leisurely and comfortable time of the year.


Step into the mountain forest of Jiulong and find a secluded place to experience the peace of walking in the primordial forest. Or you can find a place by the water, see the river dripping through the mountains and green mountains in distance, feel the freedom of seclusion and tranquil.


Step into the countryside of Garze, look at the autumn on the tree and listen to the sound of the stream. Watch the flock of sheep on the grassland and lookout at the distant mountains. Remember all this peace and quiet here and put them into your heart. It will keep you away from annoyance.


To feel the spring of Yajiang, you will have to see the mountain flowers blooming along the mountain lope.

To feel the autumn of Yajiang, you will have to see the various colors on the trees, like red, white or yellow, making Yajiang like a watercolor piece of art.


The rural in Xinlong, because of the blue sky, overlapping peaks look colorful.

Perhaps it is the meadow at the foot of mountain, or the grazing flock, or the singing stream that makes you feel fascinated here.


The Daofu Tibetan houses are arranged in rows. The solemn Daofu residential houses stand on the hillside, which are mainly brown and white. White walls and the brown-red pigmented wooden structure have their own charm under blue sky and white clouds.


Walking around the countryside of Baiyu, you will find terraces full of cauliflower all the way to the narrow floor of the gorge below. Or you may also see the exquisite wildflowers on the grassland turned spring into a sea of flowers.


Litang is an isolated oasis. Its surrounding hills and grasslands are heavily grazed by yaks, sheep and horses. Dotting the vast stretches of grasslands are many different nomad camps. Climb a hillside in spring, from the distant view, see how the river twists and turns, and enjoy the mountain like a painting. During early autumn in Litang, see the clouds in the sky, the mountains and meadows are colored with yellow and green.


The countryside of Dege is full of poetic beauty. When you see a small bridge across the river you will understand what a poetic painting is.


Xiangcheng is a romantic county. Although it is beautiful enough, the white Tibetan houses make it more beautiful.

The white Tibetan houses built in the cole flower fields appear sacred when the dawn, sunset, or smoke foil the background.


The wind of spring blows in Shiqu, and flowers are blooming on the grassland. You can also see the birds walking on the streams somewhere which can clear your mind.


Daocheng is beautiful without question. When you pass by the countryside of Daocheng, you will see the poplar change colors in the wind of autumn. Look out of the window and you will see cattle and horses grazing in the field, leisurely.


If you come to the beautiful Seda, you must go to the grassland to see the flowers and horses.

You will also see the cooking smoke coming out of houses. And when you look at the boundless grassland you may feel like riding a horse.


When you go to Batang, you may discover the river flows along the grassland all the way to the sky.

You may also see the horses eating grass by the river which make you want to stop and clear your mind. The picture before your eyes is the whole world.


When walking in the countryside of Derong during the season which cole flowers blooming, follow the zigzag river and look at the golden color of the flowers, you may feel like you’ve been transported back to childhood.

If you are tired of living in a concrete city, the countryside of Garze is always waiting for you. Taking a trip here can help you clear your mind and bring lasting inner peace.

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